Annual Landlord Subscription Plans                            

Comparison Summary Chart


If you need to fill large numbers of units and bedrooms, a flat fee annual plan can be a more cost-effective solution than signing up for one of our other types of plans. Recommended for furnished housing professionals. e.g. - large complexes, property managers, vacational rentals, etc.


Your annual membership not only gives you the best listing value, but it also makes you eligible to participate in our various Add-On lead referral programs, which are for annual subscribers only. can fill your vacancies with paying students and interns who need your temporary furnished housing. Our unique marketing channels can help them discover your openings year round.


If you are a Mom and Pop outfit looking to making a side business out of renting your extra space, you too can purchase annual subscription plans. Give your rental business a competitive edge.

To purchase your  Annual Landlord Subscription Plan simply select the membership Level that best meets your vacancy cycle needs.  Then sign up. Plans start at $199 per year.


Corporate Landlords - Annual Subscription Plans Summar
  Level 1 - Annual Plan Level 2 - Annual Plan Level 3 - Annual Plan 2 Year - Plan
Package Features        
Bulk Listings yes yes yes yes
Bulk URLS yes yes yes yes
Featured Ads no no yes yes
Enhanced SEO Opportunities yes yes yes yes
Live Person Generated Leads yes yes yes Yes
Leads E-verified yes yes yes yes
Automated Housing Wanted Leads 24/7 yes yes yes yes
Automated Housing Wanted Request Alerts no yes yes yes
City Search / Priority Results no no yes yes
Unlimited Leads no no yes yes
Opt-In Renter Lead Pool Program yes yes yes yes
Flat Fee $199 year, $16.58 per month $299 year, $24.92 per month $399 year, $33.25 per month $599 year, $24.96 per month