Our Brands

Dwell Trends, Llc’s current web brands include 5 student housing and intern job sites, plus we operate 7 related URL redirector sites. These sites provide exponential marketing support for our ecommerce enabled sites. We are also in the process of building several more exciting ecommerce websites to further serve the, local & national, student housing and intern markets.

Ecommerce Sites

  • allsandiegointernships.com

  • sandiegointernhousing.com

  • sandiegointernshipsdirectory.com

Online Presence


  • sandiegointernsforhire.com

  • sandiegointernshipjobs.com

  • sandiegostudentapartments.com

  • sandiegosummerhousing.com


  • localinternshipjobs.com

  • internshipswork.com

H.Q Sites

  • indwell.com

  • educationhousing.com

Coming Soon ...

Ecommerce Sites


  • sandiegocollegeandtradeschooldirectory.com


  • atozinternshipsdirectory.com

  • internshipcoordinator.com

  • nationalinternshipresourcesdirectory.com