3 Plans to Choose From

3 Plans to Choose From

Monthly Plans

We offer mom and pop rental owners Free to List and Paid Monthly Plans which are ideally suited for small property owners and their property managers. Take advantage of our pay-as-you-go Pay for Performance Plan. We offer private parties and family rental businesses a no risk solution for renting empty furnished bedrooms and apartments. Or, if you are a subletter looking to make some extra money, from extra space, you too can take of advantage of this program. The pay for performance plan is designed for single family homes (SFRs), 2 to 4 unit apartment buildings, granny flats, condominiums, vacation rentals and apartment buildings under 25 units.

Aside from our no risk pay for performance plan, we offerthese groups economical monthly paid ad listing plans which include additional value-add benefits. Post your short-term student housing ad now!

Annual Plans   

What We Offer Short-Term Student and Intern Housing Providers

Bed Count offers you two opportunities to test drive our site for free. With no obligation, you can try our Pay for Performance Plan. You can also browse our Wanted Ads and sign up for new posting Alerts. But if you are experiencing prolonged vacancy or need to fill vacant apartments or beds in bulk, Bed Count can help you achieve and maintain occupancy capacity with an Annual Professional Lead Subscription Plan.

These plans can help you fill volume vacancy with student and intern residents looking for temporary furnished housing like yours.  If you want to reach your property’s full income potential, our annual plans are the most cost-effective solutions for property managers and corporate landlords that have ongoing vacancy. Year round, our unique marketing channels can help them find your openings. To purchase your Annual Professional Lead Subscription Plan simply choose the plan that best suits your needs. Sign up now.

Discounts: Trade Accounts and Advertisers.Contact us for contract rates and more information.

What We Offer Leased Based Furnished Student Housing Professionals

Professional furnished property owners reposition your vacancy as short-term housing for students and interns. If you operate a full-time student housing business using the 10 to 12 month year lease model, why not reposition your furnished vacancy with short-term students and interns? You could do it seasonally or throughout the year. Whether you are a large or small furnished student housing professional, Bed Count renters can help you earn higher bottom line rental rates, simply by doing what you already do for your existing long-term student residents. To get started all you have to do is list your vacancy with us. If you choose, you can also indicate lease only.

What We Offer Unfurnished Student Friendly Apartment Owners and Managers

Big and small apartment owners, try repositioning your vacant unfurnished apartments as short-term furnished housing for students and interns. If your unfurnished “student competitive”; single family homes, plexs or conventional apartments are in college areas that meet location criteria of area students, Bed Count can assist you in repositioning your units as short-term furnished student housing. Achieve rents equal to, or greater than, that of “newly built” national furnished luxury student apartments. Your existing property location can charge their rates, sometimes higher, simply by backfilling your units with renter leads from Bed Count.

Consider this, for urban Landlords, the student and intern housing model typically yields 25% to 100% higher rental rates than conventional unfurnished apartments. You’ll be surprised to know this occurs without significant cost increases, relative to your increase in rental income. You can do it yourself through Bed Count. Or, if we can show you how. Contact us for more details.