General FAQs

How does the Bulk program compare with the subscription program Bed count offers in terms of leads?


Bulk Lead Program

The bulk lead purchases are your way to receive the highest level of leads offers.


1) Why would I buy your leads?

Our leads are unique, and it's highly unlikely you will get the same leads from other sources.


2) Can I control the flow of leads from

Yes, you can turn ON & OFF our lead buying program at any time.


4) How soon will my paid lead plan be up and running?

As soon as you are approved.


5) Can I select which type of leads I want to pay for?

Yes, you can configure the inquiry filters to receive leads based on specific criteria that is important to your particular needs ex: zip code, length of stay etc…

Can I use my leads for one or more properties? Yes


6) If I have multiple listings, will I be charged multiple times for the same lead when travelers inquire about more than one of my listings? No, you will only pay one time and you can use the lead to fill any vacancy you have. (standard for all add on leads)


7) How does the Bulk Lead Plan compare with Level 2 & 3 Annual Subscription Plans?

Bulk lead purchases are your surest way to receive the highest quantity of leads offers from our network. We guarantee it!