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Bedcount.com is not your typical college rental site.

If you are a student visiting Bedcount.com, you won’t have to filter out which apartments and single family homes cater to short-term students and interns and those that don’t. Bedcount.com does all the work for you. No need for you to browse numerous rental sites and review countless individual listings which are probably rented already anyhow. You can search knowing that our furnished short-term housing inventory hits the mark for students and interns every time.

Whether you are looking for by-the-bed privately owned homes or a luxury professionally managed operation, this all-in-one place community allows you to instantly connect with student friendly owners, subletters and managers. Bedcount.com landlords rest assured that when students, like you, use our site they are looking for furnished properties, just like theirs. Sign up now.

Non Traditional Student or Status? Are you a travel nurse? Medical resident? Recent graduate? Young professional? PHD or Grad student? Professor? Military personnel in training? Programmer or Executive? Or, if you are just attracted to Bedcount.com’s Landlord’s property offerings and affordabilty, go ahead and reach out to them! They will be glad to hear from you. Learn more about it.