Lead Purchase Program

Lead Programs for all Paid Landlord Accounts

If you need to fill a room fast or you just want to have most of the foot work done for you, we can provide you with a choice of one-at-a-time leads. This pay as you go lead program allows you to purchase single inquiry leads for as low as $9.95.


If you need short-term student or intern renter leads we have them for areas from throughout the country and the world. If you have current streams of student and intern housing leads, it is quite likely that we can add to your pool of unique prospects so you can rent more spaces.


Choose from our menu of lead generation programs tailored for furnished student and intern housing providers. The pricing breakdown chart below will help you choose the lead listing program the best suits your budget and vacancy needs.



Single Web Leads Direct Referral Lead Pool Hot Leads
$9.95 $35 $50
These general per lead referrals are generated from Bedcounts homepage in two ways. First, they are comprised of visitors reaching out to us by virtue of contacting us from one of our general contact channels. And they include respondents that act on banner messaging, with solicitations such as "Let us help you find the perfect place to live?" These leads are organically comprised of Bedcounts best prospect matches for your property from various internal and external website lead drivers. They are culled from users unique housing criteria that align with your property. These leadsd are also generated from our "Lead Pool" program sourced from other member landlords whom participate in the Lead Pool. E.g. In essence, their are forwarding their "qualified spill over prospect leads" to you. Their leads are generally people looking for housng "now". These per lead hot referrals are generated organically from affiliated member landlords properties, bricks-and-mortar and network sources. Ranging from walk-in prospects needing immediate housing to last minute accommodation emergencies, this group of leads are ready to rent.


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