Coordinators can assist you directly in several ways, all for free.

Utilize’s automated functions to diversify the pool of furnished housing choices your students, interns and colleagues have during short-term academic and career pursuits. is a first-of-its-kind website dedicated to making your job easier by connecting furnished housing landlords and students with the click of a button. Here your students can find housing that matches their needs and landlords can find your quality students.

Our Site Achieves Allstar Results

Year round, our landlords can accommodate any student and intern cycle you might operate under: monthly, summer, semester, anytime placements. Using our one source model, you can quickly and efficiently bridge the gap between your department and  furnished short-term student and intern housing marketplace.

Pre-Filtered Landlords

There are numerous types of rental properties you can work with. But all ofour property listing Landlords are on the same page that you and your students are on.Know ahead of time that when you visit you can quickly determine local short-term housing rentals that wish to house your students. This is because nearly all of our Landlords are furnished short-term operators. Thus, they are automatically pre-filtered by choosing to list on our specialty website.

No more last minute sorting through classifieds or searching all over the internet to find temporary furnished housing for your students or interns. Our database is always at your fingertips using any internet enabled device.


Designed to be a time saver,’s property search result pages are listed in a easy to read format with a powerful browse feature. Upon demand, this tool can help you recommend places to your students and interns fast. This is an especially useful tool if you frequently interact with out-of-town or international students. Reduce staff handling costs.

Alerts offers you the ability to receive Alerts from various areas of our website. If you belong to the latter group of those who frequently work with out-of-town transfer students and interns, you can receive alerts about our most current featured listings and rent deals. These Alerts keep your finger on the pulse of available furnished short-term housing supply for students in your area.

Housing Wanted Ads

If you have students that can’t find places to live, send them to’s Housing Wanted Ads. Occasionally you will have students that fall into the “hard to find a place for them to live category” and you end up “turning over every stone” to try to find a good fit or just an open space for him or her.

When this occurs, send them to us. Here students and interns can place Housing Wanted Ads for landlords to contact them about openings they have in the areas he or she is looking to live in. Our landlords will receive instant alerts about your students Housing Wanted Ad. Landlords can then make your student or intern rental offers. In turn, the student chooses the lowest rent quote, typically from multiple landlords.

Your Last Minute Housing Source

Broaden your search for available furnished housing during peak times, seven days a week. Or for “eleventh hour” housing needs, from incompatibility issues to last minute enrollments, can serve as your go to source to get them housed quickly, safely and affordably.

Housing in Unexpected Places

Not only do we offer your students a wide range of expected extra space and bedrooms for rent, but we also offer them the unexpected. Our websites mix of vacation rentals and executive housing offers will surprise you and your students. Our unique menu of choices is unlike any other you will encounter.

International Students

We make a concerted effort to find housing that accepts international students. These properties are hard to source from afar. As a result, inherently value-adds to the international users you refer to us immeasurably. We serve as a de facto clearinghouse for schools staff and coordinators who work with San Diego bound study abroad and cultural exchange students. When our landlords sign up they can indicate, if they work with international student renters. Those that do are letting your students know that they, recognize the unique benefits and merits of renting to  students and interns from outside the United States. provides international students instant access to hard to find local furnished housing providers. To learn more about how we can help international students, click here.Here are a few proactive ways you can assist any international (or American) students searching for short-term  housing, with just the click of a button.  

  • Proactively apply directly to landlords on behalf of international students

  • Pinpoint properties for your students and interns by; geographic location, city & zip code

  • Proactively create housing alerts for your international students

Marketing & Admission Materials - A 24/7 Temporary Housing Reference Source

Link to our site. Feel free to add our website’s URL ( ) to any housing related information materials which you distribute to your department, students or interns. This includes your website’s resource link page, orientation letters, newsletters, admission guides, intern programs and so on. Meeting your students housing needs without having to conduct one-on-one interaction saves you precious time, and it keeps you from getting distracted from your immediate task at hand. Referring your students and interns to this site is all you have to do.