Renter Membership Upgrade Plans and Programs’s Concierge Plans and Programs offer students and interns personal assistance with locating a place to call home during their studies or internships. The services provide customized options that go beyond the standard level of care that we provide with your basic free account. These membership upgrade options offer you home finding assistance ranging from enhanced services to live extra help in finding your ideal short-term lease furnished rental.


Renter Membership - Upgrade Plans      
    Basic Membership   Concierge Plan   Dedicated Rental Advisor Assistance
    Free - No Cost   $40 for 1 year   $100 for 4 hours
            $30 per additional hour of 1-on-1 help
            Note: You must be a Concierge Member to access this service.
            Renter Assistance Membership Program
            Aside from our free 24/7 Customer Service, our renters can upgrade their rental experience to the next level with our Dedicated Advisor program. We designed this assistance program to provide students, parents and coordinators with high-touch housing searches and extra reassurances during their relocation and transitional periods. This plan can assist any renter who might need some additional attention. This peace of mind service is available only to site users with paid Renter Assistance memberships. A helping hand is always here if you need it.
Unlimited Rental Offers Until you rent a place, you can receive as few, or as many landlord offers as you need. Yes   Yes    
1-on-1 Service Our 1-on-1 program is designed to personally assist student and intern renters Not Available   Yes    
  with finding a place to live.          
Our Best Opinion As locals familiar with the areas you will select, our staff will choose his or her best option for you, Not Available   Yes    
  from your hand picked list and then report back to you.          
Housing Wanted Ads - Enhanced Service will review your ad details and contact you within one business day to make suggestions to help Not Available   Yes    
  you find and rent a short-term residence.          
Apartment Finder We will personally reach out to landlords who are seeking to fill their vacancies immediately through one our landlord lead programs. Not Available   Yes    
Guarantee - Rental Offer(s) and Ongoing Live Help To the best of our ability we will provide you with at least one or more rental offers, Not Available   Yes    
  and our staff will work with you until you find a place.